Learn Listen Play Co. was founded in 2010 by Francis Coates III. Francis started Learn Listen Play out of a desire to provide high quality music education to early education centers and schools. Although the recession was technically over, many music and creative arts programs were being eliminated due to budget cuts. Unfortunately, one of the first items to be eliminated in schools during a time of financial crisis is music. LLP was founded based on one concept, that children no matter where they come from or which school district they attend, should have access to a high quality educational experience.

Learn Listen Play works with day care centers, early education programs and schools to provide on site music education services. We travel to your location and provide instruments and instruction materials. We work with every client to customize a program that is tailor made for your school or program. We teach general music classes, individual instrument instruction and band/orchestra. We have programs designed for early education (ages birth to 5) up to high school. We are also available for children's birthday party entertainment.

Francis Coates III has taught music in a variety of educational environments and has over 10 years of experience in education. He is a professional pianist and composer specializing in contemporary piano and orchestration. Francis started his career in early education serving as the Music Coordinator for Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Francis attended University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and University of Maryland Baltimore County and studied Music Composition, Music Education and Managerial Science and has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is married and is the proud father of a one year old son, Jackson.


"I feel that my decision to have Mr. Francis from Learn Listen Play to come to our center weekly for a music program was one of my best decisions for our program. It is amazing that in just a few weeks the children are beginning to understand the terms tempo and solo."

Lynda Calvano - Director /CARE-A-LOT Learning Center, LLC

"Learn Listen Play is wonderful. The children and staff love the program. It offers children the opportunity to learn about and devlop an appreciation for the various types of music and instruments. This is not musical entertainment but music education that is offered in a fun and engaging way."

Licia Knight - Director/Montgomery Early Learning Centers

"Learn Listen Play has been the most engaging, education, and entertaining music program that we have had in our program in a number of years. We are very pleased with the flexibility and diversity of the programs offered."

Stephen Cotilus - Assistant Director/Caring People Alliance